1.What is meant by "Multi-brand solid surfaces"

In one platform customers has wide array of choice like Dupont's Corian, Samsung's Staron, LG's Himacs, Hanex or Tristone.Unlike other solid surface providers in India, Goldstone is the only Multi-brand solid surface provider in India. Check all other international solid surface providers in U.S, U.K and other European countries it will be Multi-brand solid surface provider.

2.Who is benefitted by Multi-brand solid surface source ?

All Architects, Interior designers, project consultants and customers will stand to gain from this concept. Because at any point of time all Architects, Interior designers and clients would have suffered a great extent because they were struck with one brand which could not give their necessary colour or necessary quantity or necessary thickness for that particular colour or could not honour the delivery commitment due to non-availability of materials, which meant major set-back in project completion and displeasure to end users. Those problems are solved when you are dealing with Goldstone because here customer is both KING & QUEEN, you can select any brand suiting to your requirement, time availability, colour pattern and most importantly to your pride or budget.

3.What are the brands you are dealing with ?

We deal with Dupont's Corian, Samsung Staron, LG Hi-macs, Tristone, Hanex and Denolex To us our KING & QUEEN have to be happy for ever, so we do not deal with any lesser company that gives less than 10 years warranty and which do not comply with international quality standards.

4.In what way Goldstone is better than other solid surface sources in India ?

Solid surface sheet is a raw sheet much like fabric cloth, and without a professional, dedicated provider the end user cannot enjoy the fruits of all the benefits of solid surface. Having decided to go for the high end interior material you need a high end service provider.

5.What is your technical expertise in solid surface products ?

Our experience in solid surface fabrication dates back to 1995 even before the introduction of Dupont's Corian to India. Our technocrats were trained in Belgium. So we have nearly two decades of absolute knowledge on all solid surface fabrication techniques.We pride ourselves in producing high quality work surfaces and service at a competitive price. Due care and attention is taken to ensure the customer is delighted with the end result.

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