Solid Surface Products

What is a solid surface product?

Manufactured from a blend of natural minerals, pigments and acrylic or polyester polymers the sheet material comes to us as a 13mm thick flat sheet, which can then be cut, shaped routed and bonded to form any shape or dimension. It is then sanded to a smooth finish and polished to bring out the true colour depth and lustre of the surface. The technology of the fabrication and installation alleviates the need for joints and seams offering hygienic, tactile solutions around sinks and corner details giving the impression that the entire product is formed or moulded from one single piece. The end product is a surface that not only looks and feels unique but also will last for years.

The benefits of solid surface products :

Solid surfaces as well as being tactile and looking stunning offer many benefits over other surfaces. They are easy to keep clean as they are non-porous, stain resistant, durable and renewable. With the surface colour continuing through the depth of the material and the unique way in which it is fabricated ensures that joints are seamless if not invisible and bowls and sinks flow into the worktop. The colour palette is vast and every project is different but all with the same stunning results.


Hanex Acrylic Surface
LG-Himacs Acrylic Surface
DuPont Corian Oystra Solid Surface
Denolex Acrylic Solid Surface
Samsung Staron Solid Surface

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